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The Fine Line Between Reality & Fantasy

"Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love"

The Smile Thief
Uhh. There isn't much to say, surprisingly.
but I guess, if you're really not that curious you wouldn't be reading this.
I am a confused, shy, random, easily depressed, teenage girl.
There are many other adjectives to describe me, but I forgot them. :D
I like using emotes when I talk, or blog. ^^; idk why, but it's fun; It gives the sentences more voice and character, I guess. :S Most of my journal entries will be either about me obsessing over something (or someone *gasps*) or complaining, or ranting.
One or the others, or maybe all 3 at once.
I can write, but not as good. It gets annoying when I steal your idea, and make it my own. D: if I do, in any way, I'm really sorry, I can't come up with good shtuff myself sometimes.
I am a sucker for poetry, mostly about love. I'm not an expert on life, but I like poetry all the same. You write too? :o f/r me, you and I can become poetry buddies! :D or w/e suits your fancy. I like writing stories, really crappy ones in my opinion. ^^; Singing is fun too. :D I'm not the best at it either.. but meh. Same with playing the piano, and drawing; both of which I'm not the best at really (It's cause I lack practise X3) Bahahaha.
And what am I?

Hello, friend's call me Kay. :) What's your's stranger?

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